• 1 OAK Nightclub Las Vegas

    The excitement of Las Vegas combined with the sophistication of New York City creates 1 OAK Nightclub. There is nothing like 1 OAK; the crowd is always partying while the performances are totally unexpected and of course the ambiance and the facilities are totally over the top! There are great performers that will thrill you nightly and if you are looking for a wild yet sophisticated party place, 1 OAK is the place for you. Find out what makes 1 OAK Nightclub the place to be in Las Vegas.

    What’s great about 1 OAK Nightclub?

    The ultimate after-dark destination in Las Vegas. 1 OAK is definitely your after-dark party place where anything can happen. Get the best of both worlds with spacious events floor and dance floor, amazing DJ booths, flawless seating and entertainment areas, VIP sections galore and lighting that makes the nightclub posh interiors come to life! You will love to check out their private events section where you and your crew can have the privacy that you need while still enjoying the show. Visit the 1 OAK official website for more details.

    The best amenities and facilities. Definitely there is nothing amiss at 1 OAK. Here you will have the best party and events amenities and facilities. The nightclub has more than 16,000 square feet of party space with two rooms for different kinds of events and of course audiovisual facilities that will make any kind of event or party come to life. The club boasts of artwork by the world-renowned artists Roy Nachum; his works has graced only a few nightclub walls and I OAK is honored to be one of the establishments that can showcase his amazing creativity.

    Nothing compares to the unexpected performances. Expect rounds of impromptu and l


  • Drai’s NightClub – Reinventing NightClub Venues at the Las Vegas Strip
    Located at the top of The Cromwell hotel, Drai’s is the most exciting and sensuous NightClub in the Strip. From the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo, you can hear and feel the excitement! Everyone is headed to Drai’s NightClub and it does not matter what day it is, Drai’s offers the most amazing entertainment that will take your NightClub experience to a whole new level!

    What’s great about Drai’s NightClub?
    One of the biggest and most amazing NightClub venues in Las Vegas. Definitely you got to love Drai’s because it is one of the biggest venues with over 7,000 square feet of clubbing, dancing and heart thumping space. Say goodbye to crowded and sweaty venues! Drai’s is the roomiest with a 2,500 guest capacity. And since it is located 11 stories high, you will feel light and breezy all night long!

    Created by the illustrious Victor Drai.
    The nightclub impresario himself has designed Drai’s and he has nothing but the customer in mind. Along with a huge space where actual events are held, there are places where guests can settle in, have a few drinks and maybe even hold private parties of their own. Drai’s has simply changed the way NightClubbing is done at the Strip.
    The best NightClub facilities. You can never find any other company that can rival Drai’s when it comes to facilities. This huge space is energized with LED lighting systems which make the venue burst with color and light. There are 14 premier dance floor tables and 9 upper dance floor tables for private parties, 2 VIP balconies for extra special guests, 12 mezzanine level booths for more private space, 8 elevated tables at the back of the DJ booth each with private restrooms and of course 21 elevated VIP booths. You will never be able to find another party place NightClub venue as amazing as Drai’s NightClub.

    The crowning glory of the Las V


  • Get the Best Moves at Hakkasan Night Club

    The Hakkasan Night Club is a premier night club and private party venue located at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. This posh club is one of the hottest venues for corporate events, private parties and performances from among the hottest artists and performers in the planet. If you are looking for a grand venue in the Strip then there is nothing comparable to the Hakkasan Night Club.

    What’s great about Hakkasan Night Club?

    The Hakkasan Night Club levels. There is no other night club in Las Vegas that has multiple levels for its guests. The night club is situated in Levels 3 to 5 of the MGM Grand so expect different activities and performances happening at the same time. Level 3 is where you will find the Ling Ling Lounge is where guests stay to have their own private party cocktail event. The lounge oozes style with signature paneling and lattice work, with lounge seating, VIP booths and custom DJ booth. The third level is also where the Ling Ling Club is located. This is a 10,000 square-foot of vibrant venue that is designed with a contemporary ambiance; there is private seating for guests, custom DJ booths and an all-around relaxing yet stylish atmosphere that you can never find in any other party venue!

    The Main Room and the Mezzanine sits at Levels 4 and 5 and this is where the excitement builds up. There are oversized VIP booths, a vibrant dance floor and custom DJ booths. Floor to ceiling LED screens adorn this room which helps in making this room even more exciting to be in. and finally, the Pavilion in Level 4; this is an extension of the Main Room where there is an access to an outdoor lounge area and garden. There is a DJ booth here, a Garden Bar, water features and amphitheater-style seating.

    Ultra chic design from any angle. There i


  • Step Into the Light at Light Night Club Las Vegas
    An overpowering energy will fill you when you visit Light Night Club in Las Vegas. Situated at the Mandalay Bay, Light brings in new night clubbing experience that will blow your mind. The Light is a creative night club and party place conceived by Cirque de Soleil; aside from top performers, expect outrageous acts, amazing light shows and world class performances that will take your night clubbing experience to a whole new level.

    What’s great about Light Night Club?
    The most amazing night club venue in the Strip. There are so many reasons why Light Night Club is the ultimate party place and venue in Las Vegas and topping the list is its amazing location. Light is simply the spotlight in Mandalay Bay and where all the best shows are happening. Light Night Club simply makes it happen a lot better compared to any other night clubs on the Strip.

    Get ready for a new experience in clubbing as Light introduces the realm of theatrical nightlife. You will be partying with leading DJs in the industry along with interesting performance elements and visuals using updated technology such as video mapping, colorful costumes and outstanding choreography. Looking for the best theatrical nightclub in the Strip? You got it at Light turned on by Cirque de Soleil.

    A magical experience that you will never forget.
    Light offers an explosion of the senses creating a unique and memorable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Here you will find a feast for the eyes with magical performances from top artists, pulsating musical beats from the best performers and of course luxurious textures that make this night club the most attractive than none other.

    The greatest performers that will shake your world.
    Every week is a week to remember at Light. Top notch musical performers are always ready to please guests while world –renowned DJs are available every night whenever you want to party! Private


  • The Marquee Night Club

    The Marquee Night Club is located in the heart of Las Vegas where all the great events and performances are held. There are a lot of great things to see and experience in this luxury night club than you can ever imagine! It has superb night club ambiance with luxury amenities from top to bottom and of course this is where top notch performers come to party! The Marquee Night Club is open 7 days a week so be ready for some intense entertainment every day of every week.

    What’s great about the Marquee Night Club?

    The most luxurious interiors. When designers created the Marquee, they had only one vision in mind and that is to create a luxurious and modern venue where guests can party all night long. The Marquee is exactly what they envisioned; luxurious interiors, rich furniture pieces, modern lighting and club facilities and a lot of heavy pieces that make the entire venue look comfortable yet retains its stylish flair.

    Huge area to dance, entertain and to party! The Marquee is actually made of 5 areas where guests can sit or party all night long. Presenting the Marquee’s guest areas: the Main Dance Floor with its stylish and luxurious blue and red hues, private seating, opulent ceiling décor and a DJ area that has the most high tech audio and video equipment. The Main Dance Floor is where all the main events happen and this is where you should be at too!

    The Boombox is a private area that is smaller than the Main Dance area. This wonderful area is flooded with rich red tapestries, red wall décor and has its own bar where guests can get a sample of Marquee’s signature cocktail drinks. The Library on the other hand is nothing like you would expect in a night club. The place is adorned in rich classic furniture with shelves loaded with books and a pool table rests in


  • A Night to Remember at the Omnia Night Club

    One of the premier night clubs in Las Vegas is the Omnia. Located at the Caesars Palace at Las Vegas Blvd. this night club is one of the most luxurious and the most sensuous places on the Strip. The Omnia is where stars meet, where world class performances are held and where all the beautiful meet and party!  Do you know who’s performing at the Omnia tonight? Have you ever wondered how it feels to be part of the Omnia party? Here are some reasons why the Omnia is the premier party place where you should be tonight!

    What’s great about Omnia Night Club?

    The best venues for live events in Las Vegas. Definitely the Omnia is the best venue for different events. Performers love to use this amazing venue since it is spacious and has all the amenities and facilities that you will never find in any other venues. The Omnia is spacious with different bars and dining establishments located inside the venue. There are individual booths and VIP lounges too where you can hold private parties too. All in all, the Omnia has the Main Club where performances are held, the Heart of Omnia where private events are held and the Terrace for a more outdoor appeal but still maintains the stylish and modern appeal that the Omnia Night Club is known for. Each one has its own bar access and restaurant access too.

    The most amazing venue for your private parties. You will love to have your next party at the Omnia. You and your crew will be able to rent a VIP area where you could view the event from a close angel. You will have access to bars and food as well. And for the best part, you can have a private stylish place for your own group to enjoy and have great fun all night long.

    The most alluring party ambiance. Ther


  • Surrender Night Club at Wynn Las Vegas

    Discover what it feels like to party in one of the hippest places in the Strip: the Surrender Night Club at Wynn Las Vegas. This is your chance to be with the in crowd as they party in the most luxurious night clubs in the city. there is so much to see at Surrender and there are so many great people and celebrities too. and aside from great musical performances and elaborate EDM DJs Surrender has been one of the most popular venues that are used for private events too. Every room and every section here at Surrender has its signature color scheme and theme: a huge 90-foot snake that winds all around the back bar portion. The snake is the symbol of luck, creative life force and energy and this is certainly what Surrender is all about!

    What’s great about Surrender Night Club?

    The cool retro feel. There is something very homey yet very vibrant with those sunny yellow seats that Surrender is all about! There is definitely a lot of cool retro furniture and accents all around. From the coffee tables, the padded panels on the bar, the side tables, lamps, cushions and even the patio furniture. If you love the sights of a retro bar then Surrender may be the place that you are looking for!

    The smooth party ambiance. Definitely this is a party venue where you are not crowded or end up looking more tired than ever before. the atmosphere here is relaxed and very accommodating. Take it from the yellow retro sofas and seats that line the main room as well as the comfortable love seats and sofas along the mezzanine floor. You will also love the tropical design near the poolside and of course the warm and accommodating attitude of Surrender’s staff.

    Transparent pools!Where else can you find transparent pools? These pools are great private party mini venues that are located in


  • Welcome to TAO NightClub

    TAO NightClub is The Venetian’s answer to the amazing and exciting NightClub spots in the Las Vegas Strip. TAO maybe new (it just opened in 2005) but it has its share of impressive performances, top artists and over –the-top events that you can never find anywhere in Las Vegas. TAO is also popular not just because of the stars that have graced its halls but because of its one-of-a-kind Asian ambiance and its multi-story venue. This NightClub is open from Thursdays to Saturdays so mark these dates on your schedule and get your party at TAO NightClub.

    What’s great about TAO NightClub?

    The Asian ambiance from every angle. TAO is divided into three sections: the Main Room, the Opium Room and the Restaurant. Every room has intricate details from the wall décor to the lighting and from the different seating sections to the actual main area where events are held. There is perfect lighting everywhere and if you are at TAO with your very own private party then you could gave it at the numerous VIP seating areas and sections at the mezzanine floor.

    Amazing culinary delights from Asian countries. TAO Restaurant is cleverly added to the NightClub venue and is graced by a huge Buddha statue. And aside from the cozy Asian ambiance, the restaurant is famous for its extensive menu that incorporates different culinary delights from China, Japan and Thailand. And after you are done with dinner and dessert, this is the best time to find out why TAO’s bars are the pride of all with their excellent signature cocktail drinks. Remember that there are bars strategically located inside the venue to serve drinks all night long!

    Great for people watching and stars – sighting. Only A- list celebrities come to TAO


  • The Bank Nightclub Las Vegas A True Legend at the Strip

    The Bank at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino is the premier party venue at Sin City. It is where the hottest performances are held and only the most amazing EDM DJs are seen and heard and of course this is your destination for your very own private events too. The Bank is a special treat for the senses; each guest is treated with great pride with its eye-catching black and gold décor. Truly, every night at The Bank is can escape from the usual night life and embracing true Las Vegas night clubbing in the most luxurious way.

    What’s great about The Bank?

    Huge party space at the Bellagio. The Bank is where the real party is! Everyone looks glamorous and every guest has access to the best entertainment and facilities! This is where huge events are being held in Las Vegas because of the amazing space. There is nothing like this great venue and you can bet that every huge VIP event and conferences are also held here because it is the coolest places on the Strip.

    A perfect infusion of what’s perfect and valuable. Everything is perfect to the last detail here at The Bank and of course every perfect detail is very valuable. Just like a treasure, having your event at The Bank is like winning a million bucks and you can bet that if you use The Bank as a venue for your next private party, you will have the most glamorous time!

    A plethora of VIP areas for private events. There are a lot of options when it comes to private events here at The Bank. There are VIP lounges, private sections, private seating and venues that will make your party one of a kind. And whenever you book a private VIP section at The Bank you will have access to the best facilities as well as the most special amenities


  • XS Nightclub Las Vegas – Your Private Party Venue

    Your heart will beat a million times per minute the minute you set foot at XS Nightclub. This posh and energetic nightclub is located at The Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino where all the latest events and the coolest parties happen night after night! The XS night club crowd is not your ordinary party crowd; these are made of the most beautiful people at the Strip mixed with A list celebrities and top performers that you will never be able to find in any other night club in the hemisphere! If you are looking for total clubbing experience for your own private party event then XS is truly the nightclub that fits you!

    What makes XS Nightclub The Ultimate party venue in Las Vegas?

    The most unbelievable venues for events. XS is a huge space filled with non-stop energy! The Main Room has a luxury club feel with a dance floor, club furniture, VIP areas, a DJ booth, stage and an accessible bar. The lighting here is the best in all the other nightclubs and of course the video here is supplied by gigantic LED screens on stage. An Upper Dance Floor Table is where all the private action is. This level is where private parties may be held and of course where you could party while admiring the event below. XS Nightclub is also extended to an outdoor venue where there is a huge carousel-like structure that serves as a dining venue and bar. This is located near the pool so expect cool seating areas like couches, cabanas and loveseats for your pleasure. Every area is basking in pink, red and blue tones which are hues that symbolize XS.

    Party privately but still be with the crowd. Definitely you will love to be at the XS Nightclub for your very own party. There are numerous areas where you can your group can have an exclusive party but still allows you to check out the