1OAK NightClub

1OAK NightClub

1 OAK Nightclub Las Vegas

The excitement of Las Vegas combined with the sophistication of New York City creates 1 OAK Nightclub. There is nothing like 1 OAK; the crowd is always partying while the performances are totally unexpected and of course the ambiance and the facilities are totally over the top! There are great performers that will thrill you nightly and if you are looking for a wild yet sophisticated party place, 1 OAK is the place for you. Find out what makes 1 OAK Nightclub the place to be in Las Vegas.

What’s great about 1 OAK Nightclub?

The ultimate after-dark destination in Las Vegas. 1 OAK is definitely your after-dark party place where anything can happen. Get the best of both worlds with spacious events floor and dance floor, amazing DJ booths, flawless seating and entertainment areas, VIP sections galore and lighting that makes the nightclub posh interiors come to life! You will love to check out their private events section where you and your crew can have the privacy that you need while still enjoying the show. Visit the 1 OAK official website for more details.

The best amenities and facilities. Definitely there is nothing amiss at 1 OAK. Here you will have the best party and events amenities and facilities. The nightclub has more than 16,000 square feet of party space with two rooms for different kinds of events and of course audiovisual facilities that will make any kind of event or party come to life. The club boasts of artwork by the world-renowned artists Roy Nachum; his works has graced only a few nightclub walls and I OAK is honored to be one of the establishments that can showcase his amazing creativity.

Nothing compares to the unexpected performances. Expect rounds of impromptu and live performances at 1 OAK. The crowd here is amazing and is composed of not just the most beautiful people in Las Vegas but also the most A list celebrities from every corner of the globe. Resident and guest EDM DJs at 1 OAK are world-class; get ready to be enchanted with the most amazing beats all night long. 1 OAK is definitely a great place to find world class entertainment and to people watch too!

Wonderful audio and superb lighting. Ah, nothing compares with 1 OAK superb audio and lighting. The huge spaces at 1 OAK are adorned with state-of-the-art audiovisual Avalon Sound that will make your brains boil! The lighting is superb and makes the entire room burst with amazing energy! The entire venue is decked with an unbelievable flood of light and thus looks wild and sophisticated at the same time!

The best menu and cocktail drinks in town. Mouthwatering dishes are waiting for you at the 1 OAK kitchens but of course, this nightclub is at The Mirage after all! You will absolutely love their dinner entrees and don’t forget dessert! And if you are looking for a special treat, do visit 1 OAK bars that are strategically located along the party venue; taste their light and refreshing signature cocktails which will make your nights more interesting!

Access to the Mirage Hotel. And of course what makes 1 OAK more special is that it is located at The Mirage Hotel. You and your crew will have instant access to the hotel accommodations and facilities and most of all, the casino as well! The Mirage is home to popular sporting events and conferences which all in all makes your stay even more memorable. The casino tables are also very popular in The Mirage so get ready for hard hitting poker tournaments, generous fruit machines and bewildering roulette tables. It’s game on after partying at 1 OAK.

Is there a dress code at 1 OAK Nightclub?

There is a strict dress code at 1 OAK. Guests are recommended to wear upscale chic clothing which means hats, t- shirts, chains, excessive jewelry, athletic wear, shorts, baggy attire, sunglasses, sandals and flats and tennis shoes are not allowed inside the venue. There is a special rule in 1 OAK Nightclub and that is “Entry is always at the doorman’s discretion.” So be at your best by wearing your best!

How to get on the guest list of 1 OAK Nightclub?

Just like any other night club venues in Las Vegas, 1 OAK has an exclusive guest list. If you would like to be on the list then you should check out our services when it comes to booking customers. We can help you get in by rearranging this guest list for free. We have exclusive access to guest lists of all the different nightclubs on the Strip and beyond! We believe that party and a great crowd should always be free so what are you waiting for? Come and be on the list for 1 OAK tonight!