Get the Best Moves at Hakkasan Night Club

The Hakkasan Night Club is a premier night club and private party venue located at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. This posh club is one of the hottest venues for corporate events, private parties and performances from among the hottest artists and performers in the planet. If you are looking for a grand venue in the Strip then there is nothing comparable to the Hakkasan Night Club.

What’s great about Hakkasan Night Club?

The Hakkasan Night Club levels. There is no other night club in Las Vegas that has multiple levels for its guests. The night club is situated in Levels 3 to 5 of the MGM Grand so expect different activities and performances happening at the same time. Level 3 is where you will find the Ling Ling Lounge is where guests stay to have their own private party cocktail event. The lounge oozes style with signature paneling and lattice work, with lounge seating, VIP booths and custom DJ booth. The third level is also where the Ling Ling Club is located. This is a 10,000 square-foot of vibrant venue that is designed with a contemporary ambiance; there is private seating for guests, custom DJ booths and an all-around relaxing yet stylish atmosphere that you can never find in any other party venue!

The Main Room and the Mezzanine sits at Levels 4 and 5 and this is where the excitement builds up. There are oversized VIP booths, a vibrant dance floor and custom DJ booths. Floor to ceiling LED screens adorn this room which helps in making this room even more exciting to be in. and finally, the Pavilion in Level 4; this is an extension of the Main Room where there is an access to an outdoor lounge area and garden. There is a DJ booth here, a Garden Bar, water features and amphitheater-style seating.

Ultra chic design from any angle. There is nothing traditional or simple when it comes to the different Hakkasan levels. Every pavilion, every booth and every corner is pulsating with chic. There is nothing out of place! Every seat belongs to a private booth and so on! Definitely this is the night club event that will be the venue for your next private party at the Las Vegas Strip.

The most modern and sophisticate facilities. Needless to say that the Hakkasan is the place if you are looking for ultra- modern night club facilities. From the LED screens, lighting, seating and booths, everything is well-thought of and is very modern and pleasing to the eye. Even the food at the Hakkasan Las Vegas is special. The club carries its signature blue hue even to its food and drinks. There are main room dining areas as well as private dining places too where you can savor signature dishes such as the Hakkasan classic stir-fried black pepper rib-eye beef with Merlot or the roasted silver cod with champagne and honey. Try their signature cocktail drinks too as you relax and have the most wonderful night of your life.

The best entertainment in all Las Vegas. Ah there is nothing but true blue entertainment when it comes to Hakkasan. Get set for multi-awarded artists, popular performers and top notch DJs that will fulfill your night club fantasy. The Hakkasan is also the best spot where you can find the most popular crowd in the Strip. Popular actors and actresses, alluring models and popular personalities are here night after night. Therefore you will feel and look like a celebrity when you book your party at the Hakkasan tonight!

Easy access to MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. Of course now that you are at the Hakkasan you will be able to access the most popular resort hotel and casino in the planet! The MGM Grand is an iconic symbol of Las Vegas where not just amazing accommodations are found but also where popular events are held. Be sure to hit the casino tables here too and it’s a guarantee that you will have the luckiest night of your life.

Is there a dress code at Hakkasan?

Hakkasan implements upscale fashionable dress codes. Guests should not wear hats, sandals, sneakers, hard soled shoes and boots, ripped or baggy clothing and athletic wear. Men should wear collared shirts.

Get on the exclusive guest list at Hakkasan

Hakkasan has a tight exclusive guest list and the only way to get in is to purchase tickets and to get on the guest list. We would be happy to arrange the guest list for you for free! Yes you heard that correct. We will arrange the guest list and get you in the most exclusive clubs in Las Vegas for free! So what are you waiting for?