The Bank

The Bank

The Bank Nightclub Las Vegas A True Legend at the Strip

The Bank at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino is the premier party venue at Sin City. It is where the hottest performances are held and only the most amazing EDM DJs are seen and heard and of course this is your destination for your very own private events too. The Bank is a special treat for the senses; each guest is treated with great pride with its eye-catching black and gold décor. Truly, every night at The Bank is can escape from the usual night life and embracing true Las Vegas night clubbing in the most luxurious way.

What’s great about The Bank?

Huge party space at the Bellagio. The Bank is where the real party is! Everyone looks glamorous and every guest has access to the best entertainment and facilities! This is where huge events are being held in Las Vegas because of the amazing space. There is nothing like this great venue and you can bet that every huge VIP event and conferences are also held here because it is the coolest places on the Strip.

A perfect infusion of what’s perfect and valuable. Everything is perfect to the last detail here at The Bank and of course every perfect detail is very valuable. Just like a treasure, having your event at The Bank is like winning a million bucks and you can bet that if you use The Bank as a venue for your next private party, you will have the most glamorous time!

A plethora of VIP areas for private events. There are a lot of options when it comes to private events here at The Bank. There are VIP lounges, private sections, private seating and venues that will make your party one of a kind. And whenever you book a private VIP section at The Bank you will have access to the best facilities as well as the most special amenities that you can never find in any other nightclub in Las Vegas.

Superb food and drinks courtesy of Bellagio’s kitchens. The Bellagio is where you can savor the best meals. There are different menu options that you will never be able to find in any other night club at the Strip. Try their dinner entrees followed by dessert. You will surely love to try their delectable signature cocktail drinks at The Bank’s premier bars.

State – of- the – art audio and video equipment. The Bank prides in the most amazing audio equipment coupled by superb video equipment too. Huge LED screens will greet you once you arrive at The Bank, there are also lighting that will electrify your senses too. Everywhere around the venue, there is smart lighting everywhere and these could make any dull venue look spectacular all night long!

Elegant nightlife and live performances. Only the best performers are found at The Bank. Watch out for top local and international acts and of course there are cool beats from top EDM DJs that perform here almost every night. And if you have your own event, you may even hire a DJ to play for you all night. People watching is also one of the best things to do at The Bank. You can find A list celebrities and top performers here casually every night.

Access to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The Bank is situated at the Bellagio Hotel and this is where you can find amazing accommodations. Treat yourself t incredible amenities and of course for a round of luck at the Bellagio casino. The casino is popular for its card tables, poker tournaments and slots games. If you are looking for fun after a great event at The Bank then head to the Casino at the Bellagio.

Is there a strict dress code at The Bank?

The Bank is one of the most sophisticated and stylish night clubs in Las Vegas. The Bank  implements an upscale fashionable dress code. Guests are not allowed to wear hats, sandals, sneakers, hard soled shoes and boots, ripped or baggy clothing and athletic wear. Men should also observe proper attire by wearing collared shirts. There is a strict 21+ entry policy and therefore you should bring your ID just in case you are questioned upon entry.

How do you get in the exclusive guest list at The Bank Night Club?

The Bank Nightclub has an exclusive guest list and the only way to get in is to purchase tickets and to be on the guest list. We would able to arrange the guest list for you for free! We will arrange the guest list and get you in at the most exclusive clubs in Las Vegas for free! Everybody wants to visit The Bank and if you would like to be with the in crowd tonight, check out our services tonight.