Step Into the Light at Light Night Club Las Vegas
An overpowering energy will fill you when you visit Light Night Club in Las Vegas. Situated at the Mandalay Bay, Light brings in new night clubbing experience that will blow your mind. The Light is a creative night club and party place conceived by Cirque de Soleil; aside from top performers, expect outrageous acts, amazing light shows and world class performances that will take your night clubbing experience to a whole new level.

What’s great about Light Night Club?
The most amazing night club venue in the Strip. There are so many reasons why Light Night Club is the ultimate party place and venue in Las Vegas and topping the list is its amazing location. Light is simply the spotlight in Mandalay Bay and where all the best shows are happening. Light Night Club simply makes it happen a lot better compared to any other night clubs on the Strip.

Get ready for a new experience in clubbing as Light introduces the realm of theatrical nightlife. You will be partying with leading DJs in the industry along with interesting performance elements and visuals using updated technology such as video mapping, colorful costumes and outstanding choreography. Looking for the best theatrical nightclub in the Strip? You got it at Light turned on by Cirque de Soleil.

A magical experience that you will never forget.
Light offers an explosion of the senses creating a unique and memorable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Here you will find a feast for the eyes with magical performances from top artists, pulsating musical beats from the best performers and of course luxurious textures that make this night club the most attractive than none other.

The greatest performers that will shake your world.
Every week is a week to remember at Light. Top notch musical performers are always ready to please guests while world –renowned DJs are available every night whenever you want to party! Private events are the best kind of events in Light Night Club and you can book your own special private party in one of Light’s private events venues.

Ultra – modern facilities.
From amazing technical light shows to huge LED screens, modern DJ booths and impressive club facilities, there is nothing like the Light. There are amazing main rooms, fantastic private areas and bars that will surely make your stay the most memorable one.
Great food and signature drinks. The Light Night Club has a kitchen that is ready to serve all the great dishes that you are longing for and of course offer new menu options that will blow your mind! And if your dinner is over, take time to visit Light’s bar where they serve signature cocktail drinks.
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Is there a dress code at Light Night Club?
Yes there is a dress code at Light Night Club. Guests are requested to wear upscale fashionable attire and this means that people that are wearing hats, sandals, flip flops, gym shoes, shorts, oversized clothing, gym clothes, jeans with holes, chains or athletic wear of any kind are not allowed in the premises. Anyone wearing this attire will not be permitted to enter the venue.

There is also a strict 21+ age requirement in the club and you may need to present an ID to enter. There are pre-sale tickets to various events are available at or you may check out the best way to get in Light Night Club and that is through a special guest list.

How to get in the guest list at Light Night Club?
Light Night Club has a strict guest list and this means, if your name is not on the list, then forget about entering the hottest night club venue in the Strip. But we figured out a way to actually rearrange Light Night Club’s exclusive list to help everyone gain access and experience the best night of their lives. We will arrange the guest list for you for free! Yes you heard it right! Don’t miss out on the best parties in the Strip! Even if you are partying with your friends or you came to Light on your own, you will have the best night of your life tonight!