XS NightClub

XS NightClub

XS Nightclub Las Vegas – Your Private Party Venue

Your heart will beat a million times per minute the minute you set foot at XS Nightclub. This posh and energetic nightclub is located at The Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino where all the latest events and the coolest parties happen night after night! The XS night club crowd is not your ordinary party crowd; these are made of the most beautiful people at the Strip mixed with A list celebrities and top performers that you will never be able to find in any other night club in the hemisphere! If you are looking for total clubbing experience for your own private party event then XS is truly the nightclub that fits you!

What makes XS Nightclub The Ultimate party venue in Las Vegas?

The most unbelievable venues for events. XS is a huge space filled with non-stop energy! The Main Room has a luxury club feel with a dance floor, club furniture, VIP areas, a DJ booth, stage and an accessible bar. The lighting here is the best in all the other nightclubs and of course the video here is supplied by gigantic LED screens on stage. An Upper Dance Floor Table is where all the private action is. This level is where private parties may be held and of course where you could party while admiring the event below. XS Nightclub is also extended to an outdoor venue where there is a huge carousel-like structure that serves as a dining venue and bar. This is located near the pool so expect cool seating areas like couches, cabanas and loveseats for your pleasure. Every area is basking in pink, red and blue tones which are hues that symbolize XS.

Party privately but still be with the crowd. Definitely you will love to be at the XS Nightclub for your very own party. There are numerous areas where you can your group can have an exclusive party but still allows you to check out the scene at the main room. There are also great amenities that will make your private party a totally memorable one.

The most amazing facilities and amenities for guests. There is nothing like XS Nightclub when it comes to facilities and totally great amenities for its guests. Every nook and cranny is basking with perfection. Every sofa and table and every lighting fixture is in place; there is nothing amiss and definitely everything is perfect for your next private event.

Great dining and bar experience. XS serves the most sumptuous dinners; their menu entree for dinner has a healthy selection of fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Their dessert selections are very tempting so be sure to keep that diet at place when you visit! And of course who could forget XS’ tempting signature drinks which are available at their specialty bars located along the different areas of the venue!

Wonderful entertainment nightly. Get ready to feast your senses with the most entertaining shows on a nightly basis. You will love to be at the XS with non-stop EDM mixes from the world’s most popular DJs and live performances from top performers in the industry. This is a truly amazing opportunity when you book your private event at the XS Nightclub.

Instant access to the Mirage Las Vegas hotel and casino. And of course, now that you are at XS, you will surely love to book a room the Wynn Las Vegas hotel. This iconic hotel on the strip is popular for its posh and accommodating rooms and views. Expect great entertainment and non-stop excitement at the casino tables here. You should not miss their poker tournaments and their amazing slot machine games that will truly light up your night! so after your private party at XS is over, head to the Wynn hotel and casino for more non-stop fun!

Is there a dress code at XS Nightclub?

XS is a premier, ultra- chic party and events venue in Las Vegas and this establishment has a strict dress code. Only fashionable upscale attire is required and this dress code is strictly enforced. Guests are not allowed to wear hats, sandals, sneakers, hard soled shoes and boots, ripped or baggy clothing and athletic wear. Men should wear collared shirts and dress shoes.

How to get on the guest list at XS Nightclub?

Just like any other night club venues in Las Vegas, XS Nightclub has an exclusive guest list. If you would like to be on the list then you should check out our services. We can help you get inside this upscale party venue by rearranging this guest list for free. Our exclusive access to guest lists of all the different nightclubs on the Strip allows us to help guest. You can bring your friends in or you can come as you are and enjoy the great venue. Enjoy the night and be part of the XS guest list tonight!