A Night to Remember at the Omnia Night Club

One of the premier night clubs in Las Vegas is the Omnia. Located at the Caesars Palace at Las Vegas Blvd. this night club is one of the most luxurious and the most sensuous places on the Strip. The Omnia is where stars meet, where world class performances are held and where all the beautiful meet and party!  Do you know who’s performing at the Omnia tonight? Have you ever wondered how it feels to be part of the Omnia party? Here are some reasons why the Omnia is the premier party place where you should be tonight!

What’s great about Omnia Night Club?

The best venues for live events in Las Vegas. Definitely the Omnia is the best venue for different events. Performers love to use this amazing venue since it is spacious and has all the amenities and facilities that you will never find in any other venues. The Omnia is spacious with different bars and dining establishments located inside the venue. There are individual booths and VIP lounges too where you can hold private parties too. All in all, the Omnia has the Main Club where performances are held, the Heart of Omnia where private events are held and the Terrace for a more outdoor appeal but still maintains the stylish and modern appeal that the Omnia Night Club is known for. Each one has its own bar access and restaurant access too.

The most amazing venue for your private parties. You will love to have your next party at the Omnia. You and your crew will be able to rent a VIP area where you could view the event from a close angel. You will have access to bars and food as well. And for the best part, you can have a private stylish place for your own group to enjoy and have great fun all night long.

The most alluring party ambiance. There is nothing like Omnia to set the mood. Terrific lighting that seems to dance and twinkle in tune with the top music mixes, the electrifying audio that will shake your soul and the most enticing dance floor where the energy concentrates! There are so many great things about the Omnia that has attracted popular celebrities and icons too and even on a regular day you will certainly spot someone special and someone very popular! A truly great venue to people watch too!

The latest in party technology. Intense lighting art and wonderful LED screens will greet you the moment you come in the Omnia. The DJ booths are also modern while audio and video equipment are the very best that Las Vegas has to offer! Expect nothing but the best in party equipment, lighting and props only at the Omnia.

The most sumptuous meals and the hippest cocktail creations. Being located at Caesar’s Palace has its perks and one of these is access to the most amazing restaurants in the area. Try the different dining areas here where the best meals and signature entrees are served. And if you are ready to go clubbing, don’t forget to bring a delicious cocktail drink in hand courtesy of the Omnia bars located along strategic points inside the night club.

The best of Caesar’s Palace. Of course now that you are partying at Caesar’s Palace, then why not book a room? This is one of the most iconic hotels in the city and possibly one of the premier destinations for sporting events, conferences and of course casino games. Do you feel really lucky tonight? Then it may be time to head to the casino for a good time!

The best performances from local and international artists. And of course you will never have to look elsewhere for a party venue; Omnia is where great performances are held and where the best EDM DJs perform night after night.

Is there a dress code at the Omnia?

There is a strict dress code for guests at the Omnia. Guests are advised to wear upscale – casual clothing. Gentlemen are advised to come in button down collared shirts and dress shoes. Men are not allowed to wear baseball hats, tennis shoes or open-toed shoes.

How to be at the guest list at the Omnia?

If you wish to enter the Omnia Night Club then you should be at this exclusive list. We know hard it could be to be on the guest list so we are offering our services to rearrange this list for you for free! Yes, we will be happy to help fellow clubbers to enter the most stylish night clubs in Las Vegas. Whether you are alone or you have all your friends with you, you will have nothing but the best time at the Omnia Night Club in Las Vegas.