The Night of Your Life at Treasures

Calling all gentlemen! Your fantasies are about to come true at the only gentlemen’s strip club that offers quality and high class entertainment and all-night fun at Sin City: Treasures Gentlemen’s Club. Treasures is not your average club at the Strip, nor is it another strip club down the block. Treasures is where you can find the most dazzling young women that have the most glamorous looks and amazing talent! Get ready to be mind –blown with all the best beauties that are ready to wait on you hand and foot. And if you are looking for the most fantastic night of your life, you will never have to look far. Treasures is the most popular place for private VIP events too. So put your seatbelts on and get ready for the ride of your life at Treasures strip club!

What’s great about Treasures?

The finest women that you will ever meet in your life! Definitely, gentlemen come to Treasures because of only one thing and that is the finest women. Get ready to meet the girl of your dreams when you come to Treasures. There are Asian women, European babes, true-blue American goddesses, dazzling ebonies and so much more! Are you looking for women who love to dress up or girls that are into bondage? Then you could fulfill your fantasies tonight at Treasures. There is definitely no dull night if you have your event here at Treasures strip club!

The most fantastic venues for private events. Your wedding day is tomorrow and you are looking for a memorable night for you and your comrades. There is only one place where you can find superb adult entertainment that will make you forget your wedding day and that is Treasures! But kidding aside, this strip club offers stag party guesting, birthday party programs and coming of age events too. You will absolutely love to come back for more exciting adult entertainment when you experience what it is to party at Treasures strip club.

Amenities that will make you say WOW. Marvel at the luxurious leather seats, the padded VIP sections and the liberating dance and entertainment floors! Full-service bars are strategically located within the area and these serve the most amazing signature cocktail drinks that you can never find anywhere in the Strip. There are also outdoor areas and places where you and your Treasures girl can get a little intimate and you will also find places where you can simply hang out and see the sights. You and your guests are in for a great treat too with the venue’s magnificent audio speaker system and eye-popping flat screen television monitors that are placed all over the venue!

Great food and cocktail drinks. Guests at Treasures are also raving about the fantastic menu. There are great dinner and desert entrees that you should never overlook while you are in the club and of course after you are satisfied with your meal, make sure that you sample their drinks. The Treasures bars are fully loaded with the top drinks and coolest cocktail concoctions. Be sure to take one as you watch Treasures girls perform live!

Just a stone’s throw away from the Strip. Definitely Treasures is just a few minutes from the Strip and this means that you can check out the casino tables after you are done with your event. Are you looking for fantastic accommodations? Treasures is also near five star hotels and even stand-out dining places too. Make sure you avail of luxury transport to and from the strip club venue.

Meet the best models at Treasures!

Get ready to get mind-blown with the glorious babes from Treasures. These models are the most alluring and the most talented ladies with an attitude. These models will also be your emcee at your private event and therefore expect loads of sexy fun all night long! You will also love their nightly performances and meet them all over the club. It is also a guarantee that these beauties will be there for product promotions and all kinds of events that are held inside the club. Feel free to check out each performer by viewing her profile at the Treasures official Las Vegas online site.

Promos for entry at Treasures

Do you want a great deal? Listen well; we have one crazy deal to get in Treasures strip club for the most affordable rate! We can take you in for less than $35 per head. Yes you heard it right! This unbelievable promo includes entrance, 2 drinks of your choice and even transportation to and back from the venue. We can provide SUV service for a small group and for larger groups, limousine service or party bus. This is the most affordable package that you will ever find online and is incomparable to the regular Treasures cover charge. So hurry and see you at the venue!

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