Men of Sapphire

Men of Sapphire

Meet the Men of Sapphire

Don’t know where to find the most alluring men in the planet? There are scores of strip clubs at Sin City but there could only be one club where all the beautiful men gather and that is the Men of Sapphire! Imagine, a cool drink in your hand and glorious men obeying your every wish! Yes, your girls’ night out party or bachelorette party will be the most unforgettable when you hold it at the Men of Sapphire! This is where the party never stops and the juiciest female entertainment is!

What’s great about the Men of Sapphire strip club?

Choreographed shows every night! The Men of Sapphire club is where you can find an unbelievable all-male show event night after night! These shows are perfectly choreographed to delight and entertain female guests of all ages. There are also special shows if you want and these could be the highlight of your VIP private event at the Men of Sapphire club!

Top amenities for top guests like you! There could be no other club that has the best amenities that will fit you and your party’s needs. Great party amenities such as luxurious seating, VIP sections, special stage for private performances and bars that serve delicious signature cocktails non-stop! This is also where you will find the most stylish interiors with the best audio surround speakers and of course don’t forget the numerous huge flat screen TVs that make everything look modern and upbeat! Definitely the Men of Sapphire is not your ordinary strip club down the block!

The best venue for private events. When it comes to your own private event, the Men of Sapphire is the perfect one for you. You could be turning 18 or 21 soon and you want an adult themed party to celebrate your day; let the Men of Sapphire be your host to welcome you to the adult world! And if you are getting married soon, congratulations! This is the perfect venue to celebrate your much-awaited bachelorette party! Bring all the girls along! Take your girlfriends, female family friends and even your mother along with you and let them experience the best time of their lives!

Performers and A list guests. Men of Sapphire strip club also features performances from top artists. This is also the best place to people watch since there are A list people here almost every night! So if you want to be where the sexiest and the most glamorous people are then the Men of Sapphire is definitely the best place to hang out.

Accessible to all the Las Vegas destinations. The Men of Sapphire strip club is just a few minutes away from the Strip and no wonder it is one of the most preferred clubs in Sin City. After your sexy party night is over, and the night is still young, why not hit the casino tables in one of the most amazing casino hotels in the city? You can also bet that there is a limo transpo waiting for you if you avail of Men of Sapphire promos for their guests.

And presenting, the Men of Sapphire

And of course, meet the sexy Men of Sapphire. These are the finest men with the most adorable bodies that you have ever seen. When God made these men, He broke the mold! Each man is talented, very opinionated and passionate about their work. In short, these men are not just your average male model but he is also a professional that knows what the customer wants.

You can ask a Men of Sapphire model to be your guest at your party or surprise your friends and relatives with an extra special performance to highlight your special event. And of course if you want to, these wonderful men also offer extra special services for private or even intimate events.

Are you ready for discount offers to get in the Men of Sapphire strip club?

We know you are looking for the best deals on entrance fees to the Men of Sapphire club. This is why we have one for you! Entry requires a fee and even at a promotional rate, this could cost you a lot of money but the trick is to avail of great promo offers outside Men of Sapphire and this is just like what we have for you!

We can take you to the Men of Sapphire strip club for less than $38 per person. This very low fee includes entrance, 2 drinks of your choice and even transportation to the venue. We have SUV service for a small group and limousine service or party bus for larger groups of people. Hurry and avail of this unbelievable package instead of the regular Men of Sapphire promo! See you at the venue!