A better way to request a driver

A better way to request a driver

A new tool is available for all strip club promoters. Allow us to introduce the ability to request a driver from your phone without the need to text or call anyone.

Open this page www.badassvip.com/promoter-limo-request

Once you get on this page the first thing it will ask you to validate your phone number.
The validation of the phone number will be once every 60 days just to make sure your phone number is up to date.

Once the phone number is validated you will see the list of all the strip clubs available thru BADASSVIP.
The order of the clubs is based on your activity ( theĀ mostĀ  used clubs by you will stay on top of the page )

First lets go over the logistics. This page must be used ONLY if you have the group READY FOR PICK UP. This is not the page to make reservations for later or for other days.
On this page you request an IMMEDIATE PICK UP.


How to make the request?


1. Click on the club that you need a driver for.
Once you do that a popup will open with a simple form.


2. Type how many males and females are in your group.
All clubs have a requirement of minimum 2 males. If you have a group with less males please call a limo partner that is not using our system. Our goal is to keep the drivers available for groups that matter.
Male revue clubs have the minimum of 2 females also as requirement.


3. Select the pickup location.
The order of the first 10 locations is also based on your activity. If you load 90% of the groups at Wynn then Wynn will be on top of the list. The first 10 are ordered that way to increase your efficiency in process of requesting a pickup.


3a. If the group is not with you and they are ready for pickup from another location scroll down and find it on the list.
After the top 10 locations everything is ordered chronological.
Note you will have to provide the client’s phone number if you are not with the client upon pickup.


4. — more options —
This is actually a button that is not obvious. You can click on that in order to add comps, select deal and provide the client’s contact info if needed for pickup.
Default deal is set to 2 drinks for majority of the clubs (unless the club doesn’t offer the 2 drink deal such as Diamonds, Liil D etc)


5. List of partners and available drivers.
You can see the list of all partners that do drops at the selected club. By default the partners that have available drivers at this moment will be toggled ON. If the partner doesn’t have available drivers he will be automatically toggled OFF.

Order of partners.
The partner that has the highest payout at the selected club will be on top.

Available drivers:
On the right side of partner name you can see some icons representing vehicles. The amount of icons represents how many available drivers the partner currently has. There are 3 types of icons – Limo, Party Bus, SUV.

Only the drivers that are toggled ON will be able to claim your groups.


6. Request A Driver button.
When you click on this button a text message is sent instantly directly to the drivers eliminating the need of additional calls or text messages. Once the driver claims it you will receive a text letting you know that he is on the way to you.



Additional info:

Claiming the ride by drivers

All drivers get the text about the group. The first one to claim it becomes your driver and nobody else can claim it.


Penalty Flag:

If the driver claimed the ride and he is not there for you within 10 minutes he will receive a penalty flag. The penalty flag sends him in standby for 1 hour removing the ability to claim rides.


System abuse:

If a promoter creates fake reservations he will receive a permanent BAN. This service is free for promoters and system abuse will not be tolerated.