Be a Part of Rehab Pool Party Guest List
Get your much awaited rehab from the usual parties and events and join the Rehab party tonight! Rehab is at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and is one of the longest running poolside parties in the Strip. This is where all the stars hangout to get their much-awaited rehab with great music, popular DJs and of course a terrific party experience that you have yet to experience in your life! You must be on the guest list to enter Rehab but even if this is an exclusive list, we will tell you how you can get on the list and experience the finest pool party together with celebrities and personalities.

What’s great about Rehab?
The original pool party. Rehab is the original pool party venue where stars come out to play, party and listen to great performances. Before all other beach clubs and pool side venues were even constructed in Sin City, Rehab has been catering to the needs of clients; from private parties to corporate events. And since you are partying with the original party capital, you will definitely get a lot of perks and the same top of the line service from Rehab staff.

All the stars in one Las Vegas sky.
The reason why stars come to shine at Rehab is because of all the great amenities, amazing performances and because of the best food and drinks. Popular celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Tommy Lee, Nelly, Snoop Dog and a whole lot more have been in Rehab and they have certainly enjoyed their stay!

The best amenities and facilities.
Once you enter Rehab, you will be taken allowed to take a dip at their wonderful pool. There are two pools: the Nirvana Pool where almost all the exciting activities happen and the Breathe Pool where you can find bathing beauties and relaxing guests on cozy cabanas. The Paradise Beach is the most popular and guests love to flaunt all they got here! There are cabanas, lounge chairs, chaise lounges and couches everywhere. There is plenty of room for everyone and if you are looking for some drinks, there are bars accessible from every point of the party venue. You will love to party at the Rehab because of the wonderful menu. Their menu options are from the wild imagination of top Las Vegas chefs; their signature cocktails are perfect too.

Rehab private events.
If you are celebrating your birthday soon or you just want a paradise experience for the weekend, you can certainly get what you want at Rehab. Check in at the Hard Rock Hotel and afterwards, take a dip at Rehab’s enchanting pools. All pools and beach facilities are available only from 11 AM till 7 PM. Check in during these times and it is a guarantee that you will have the best rehab that you will ever have in your entire lifetime!
Hotel and casino easy access. Because the Rehab is at the Hard Rock you will have easy access to hotel facilities should you want to retire for the night. But why retire when there is a casino waiting for you? World class gambling tables and beautiful dealers await you at the casino after you are done checking out the party scene at the Rehab.

Get exclusive announcements from Rehab now.
Events change at the Rehab but stars continue to shine here even when it is daytime! Please feel free to visit their calendar page by folowing this link – .

Does Rehab poolside party venue have a strict dress code?
Unlike other beach clubs and poolside parties at Las Vegas, Rehab has a more lenient policy when it comes to dress codes. Depending on the event, guests are allowed to come in the venue wearing jeans, shirts, athletic gear and cargo shorts for men. However, bathing in their wonderful pools require strict swim wear. If you are unsure of what to wear, bring your trendiest swimsuit along.

How to be on the exclusive Rehab guest list
This is a list where all the invited guests for the day are. We can help you join this list for free so you can hang out at the Rehab. Whether you are checking in alone or you are with a group of friends, you will absolutely have a great time at the Rehab no matter what season of the year it is! Be a part of this Rehab exclusive guest list now and create a reservation by using the form on this page.