Drai’s Beach Club

Drai’s Beach Club

What to Expect at Drai’s Beach Club?
Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Drai’s Beach Club is the crowning glory of The Cromwell Hotel. Drai’s has an unobstructed view of the Strip’s skyline for miles around and It is also the host for unbelievable parties that Las Vegas is known for. When you are at Drai’s for an event, it’s like you’re in some kind of island getaway. The fun keeps happening, the drinks keep pouring and the music keeps on beating. There is absolutely nothing like Drai’s! Find out why it is one of the hottest venues for live events, parties and get- togethers in Las Vegas today.

Why Drai’s Beach Club?
Your rooftop oasis. Yes, Nevada is partly desert. Drai’s is like an oasis ready to serve the weary soul. Aside from mystical pools, cabanas, palm trees and amazing tropical ambiance, this beautiful oasis is where the fun never ends. Just think, this amazing venue is located on top of a five star hotel!

Over-the-top live performances. There are so many EDM artists that have performed at Drai’s and there are a lot of world class performers that are still scheduled in the next weeks and months! Don’t miss these amazing performances all in the comfort of a tropical cabana! Say goodbye to sweaty concert venues, crowded dance halls and long queues that will drive you crazy! You will be able to enjoy great music with a tropical drink in hand and of course a lovely model by your side!

World class facilities. Drai’s is your venue for your next party! Get ready for numerous mezzanine cabanas built with restrooms and showers, your private use of mezzanine grand cabanas also with restrooms and showers, 3 glorious pools, luxurious bungalows, numerous comfortable daybeds and booths. And of course what is a party without full service bars, a gourmet kitchen and 7 DJ booth tables? Definitely Drai’s is the ultimate party place for any kind of event, any day of the year!

Your 65,000 square foot venue. Drai’s Beach Club is located on top of an 11- story hotel giving you a dramatic 360 degree view of the Strip especially during night time. This is your venue for corporate events! Imagine all your business partners, clients and employees having the best time of their lives here at Drai’s! Your event will be the talk of the town for years!

World class service. Expect nothing but the best service at Drai’s. Their staff is very accommodating and their kitchen staff are the most amazing from all the hotels in the Strip. Savor delicious culinary innovations, interesting mix of drinks and the most impressive presentations that you have ever seen. Definitely the food and cocktail matches the mood and the ambiance of this wonderful beach club no matter what your event may be.

Designed from a talented artist. Victor Drai has captivated people in Las Vegas and beyond with his amazing beach club design. He has specially designed Drai’s Beach Club to provide the ultimate beach club experience with a 360- degree view. And not only this, he made sure that people won’t forget Drai’s for the music, technology and the service!

Easy access to Cromwell Boutique Hotel and Casino. Once the party is over, it’s time to hit the tables or rest in your luxury room at the Cromwell Hotel. This iconic hotel and casino offers world class service along with great facilities. Guests are also recommended to check out Drai’s Nightclub, Yacht Club, After Hours and Beach club. The party never stops at Drai’s!

What about dress code?

Should you wear a coat and tie? What do you wear to the beach? Yes, get tanned and fit to be seen at Drai’s! No need to hide in the inside; flaunt the cabanas in your beach-ready body. Wear the most provocative swimwear and of course get the groove ready with the most amazing events and performances!

Get on the Drai’s Beach Club guest list now!

Are you on the guest list? The most amazing parties and performances happen each night at Drai’s and you don’t want to be caught dead without an invite. It is easy to get in the party scene. If you would like to get in Drai’s Beach Club, we arrange the guest list for you for free! You heard it, it is actually free to arrange the guest list and whether you are checking out the party scene alone or you are with a group of friends, you don’t need to worry about tickets and venue reservations. Our services will take you to the hottest venues to let you enjoy the party all night long!

So don’t miss the events and performances at Drai’s Beach Club. It is where every day is a tropical beach holiday!

The official page with events calendar for Drai’s is located here – http://draislv.com/calendar/