Daylight Beach Club

Daylight Beach Club

Step Into the Spotlight at the Daylight Beach Club
Why only a night out when you can party from daylight till you can’t take it anymore! At Daylight Beach Club you will forget all your troubles with a party set on a typical Las Vegas pool. But this is not just a party, but an experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life! Daylight Beach Club is one of the major venues for the best parties in Las Vegas. If you are looking for fun in a tropical paradise setting, Daylight Beach Club is the most amazing social venue to check out.

Why Daylight Beach Club?
Party under the sun or under the stars of Las Vegas skies at Daylight Beach Club. Treat yourself with great open- air entertainment from the hottest bands and performers at a revolutionary venue that is unlike any other. Why sit down to watch your favorite performers when you can sit on a cabana sipping a tropical drink? Why endure standing- room-only events when you can splash around in a resort pool with your friends as you watch your favorite concert? The Daylight Beach Club is the newest way to enjoy great music, top performers and amazing events. And when the show is done, the party will never be over under Las Vegas skies. You can visit the bar, swim or lay around with your friends and of course, meet great people who share the same interest as yours!

What’s great about Daylight Beach Club?
With a gigantic 4,400 – square foot pool, a 1,500 square – foot elevated stage, cabanas, bungalows, LED televisions and signature dishes and cocktail drinks, you have the most amazing venue that will electrify your party! Just use the guest list reservation form and make a reservation quick!

Never miss another cool event in Las Vegas.
You would never miss the hottest shows in Las Vegas again at Daylight. A lot of great artists have performed here and there are more to come such as artists like Scooter & Lavelle, Spacebyrdz & Bret Rubin and Disclosure. Events are posted weeks in advance so you can prepare ahead of time. So whether you are partying alone or you plan to take all your friends with you to Daylight, there are so many great events to watch out for! Totally great dining experience. The Daylight is not just a venue for the finest events, but also for the most amazing dishes concocted by top Las Vegas chefs. Don’t forget to check out their signature cocktail drinks too. You can bet that you will be back for more!

The most exciting events place at the strip.
And of course, the best thing about Daylight Beach Club is that you can easily spot this club along the strip. Daylight Beach Club is at Mandalay Bay S. Las Vegas Blvd. No need to Google where it is, simply follow the fun and you are there!

Easy access to the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
You do not need to go far. Finished the party really early and you are still up for more fun? The Mandalay Bay could be your accommodation for the night and of course you can hit the tables at the casino too! So if you feel like a lucky gal or guy after the party is over, head to Mandalay Bay via Daylight Beach Club.

Is there a dress code for the Daylight Beach Club?
Daylight is an exclusive party event place and therefore there is a strict dress code. Girls and boys should wear appropriate swim wear for swimming and even if they only intend to sunbathe. There should be no athletic wear, jeans and other inappropriate clothing other than swimwear in the pool area. The management has the right to prohibit access to the pool area and events venue to people that do not follow the appropriate dress code.

How to get in the Daylight Beach Club?
In order to get into Daylight Beach Club, you must either purchase a ticket or be on the guest list. We recommend being on our guest list, because that means you will get in free! Visit our events page and see what deals we have available then add yourself to the guest list.
We know how tempting Daylight events are and how glamorous the party venue is and we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy this great party place!
Official event calendar of Daylight Beach Club is located on this page